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Fractures or misshapen teeth leave you vulnerable to pain and additional damage. Restorative dentist Cynthia Allen, DDS, and the experienced team can protect and restore your teeth with crowns at Summerhills Dental in Las Vegas, Nevada. These porcelain caps rebuild the shape and size of damaged teeth and restore your ability to chew. To learn more about dental crowns, call Summerhills Dental or schedule an appointment online today.

Crowns Q&A

What are crowns?

A dental crown is a custom-made cap shaped like a tooth. It fits over the visible portion of your tooth, also called the crown, to restore its shape, size, or color. Crowns help you chew, speak, and comfortably rest your jaw if you have damaged or misshapen teeth. While dental crowns are restorative treatments, they also enhance the appearance of your teeth. 

Which dental concerns can crowns treat?


Crowns are among the most common restorative treatments that Summerhills Dental offers. After a comprehensive dental evaluation, your dentist may recommend single or multiple crowns to:


  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Protect a tooth treated with root canal therapy
  • Support a dental bridge
  • Connect to dental implants
  • Cover a weak tooth


A crown can also replace a filling. If you have deep tooth decay with little tooth structure left, your dentist may place a dental crown instead of a large filling to protect your oral health.

What can I expect from dental crowns?


Dental crowns typically take two visits to plan and place. During your first appointment at Summerhills Dental, your dentist examines and cleans your teeth. They also take digital X-rays to make sure you’re an ideal candidate for porcelain crowns. 


To prepare your teeth, your dentist files and reshapes them. Next, they take impressions of your teeth to create your custom-made crowns. The practice sends your impressions to an outside lab. It takes about two to three weeks to create porcelain crowns, so you’ll wear temporary restorations in the meantime.


Once your crowns are ready, your dentist replaces the temporary restorations with your permanent crowns. They may make minor adjustments before cementing the crowns in place.

How long do crowns last?


Porcelain crowns typically last for about 5-15 years*. With proper care, you can extend the lifespan of your crowns for up to 30 years. To preserve your crowns:


  • Brush and floss twice a day
  • Visit the dentist for bi-annual dental cleanings
  • Avoid chewing on hard candies, ice, and other hard objects
  • Avoid biting your nails
  • Wear a night guard if you grind your teeth


Call Summerhills Dental today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about dental crowns.